Our services to the REALTOR® and seller include:

  • Educating the REALTOR®
    and the seller

    ...on the complete short sale process, including a realistic timeframe on each step of the process.

  • Working with
    the seller

    ...to process the most accurate package that will provide the best possibility for the lender's approval of the short sale transaction.

  • Negotiating with
    the Lender

    ... for a successful decision on the short sale, resulting in the settlement of the short sale transaction.

  • Providing constant communication

    ... to the REALTOR® during the entire short sale process. Click on the CHECK STATUS tab to learn more.


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20 Years of Experience

Platinum Group Services is a short sale processing group working together with agents to provide an additional service to their clients for their short sale processing needs.  Our belief is to deliver outstanding customer service so that the highest level of customer satisfaction is achieved. Our staff is highly experienced in processing  and negotiating short sale transactions with hundreds of lenders.

Platinum Group Services has two primary goals. 

  • Our first goal is to remove the stress and time consuming efforts from the REALTOR® when trying to process and negotiate a short sale transaction on their own. 
  • Our second goal is to get the short sale transaction approved. 

Let the experts, Platinum Group Services, get your short sale transaction to the closing table while you list and sell more properties.